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Otoe-Missouria Encampment
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133rd Annual Otoe-Missouria Summer Encampment
July 17 through 20, 2014
Encampment Grounds Red Rock, OK
Head Staff
Head Singer: Kyle Robedeaux 
Head Gourd Dancer: Ed Yellowfish
Head Man Dancer: Amos Littlecrow
Head Lady Dancer: Mary Beth Glasco
MC: Oliver Littlecook, Frank Carson 
Arena Directors: Michael Whitecloud, Moran "Babe" Bible
2013-2014 Princess: Shelby Faw Faw
2014-2015 Princess: Shiloh Bluebird Pickering

2013-2014 Encampment Commitee
Chairman . . . . . Jade Roubedeaux
Treasurer . . . . . Alde Robedeaux
Member . . . . . Pat Moore, Randy Moore, John Arkeketa, Gary Whitecloud Jr.

Pat Moore 580-352-4836

Jade Roubedeaux 580-307-7911

Hotels are available for visitors, competitors, runners & guests. Visit the Ponca City Tourism Bureau website for details on accomodations in the area or call toll free 866-763-8092

Tribal members usually camp at their inherited family campsites. All campsites on the inner circle are already assigned. Any new campsites will be located on the North or South ends of the Encampment Grounds. ALL new campsites must be approved by the Encampment Chairman before moving onto the site. Any conflicts regarding campsite assignments, locations or dimensions will be addressed by the Encampment Committee on a case-by-case basis.