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134th Annual Otoe-Missouria Summer Encampment
July 16-19, 2015
Red Rock, OK

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For 134 years, the people have gathered near the Old Agency in Red Rock to celebrate their Otoe-Missouria ways. For many people the gathering, held this year July 16-19, is the most significant social and cultural event of the year with tribal members coming from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii to attend.

The tribal members bring their children, their spouses and their memories of past Encampment’s with them. The young people come eager to create new memories, while the older ones look forward to catching up with old friends and telling (and re-telling) stories of yesteryears encampments.

After more than a century of gatherings, the campgrounds echo with the teachings of generations passed. Encampment is a special place where the people do not have to walk in two worlds. At encampment, they are only Otoe-Missouria and it is the most important thing.

The celebration begins on a somber note Wednesday evening with a Mourners Dinner held at the arena for families that have lost loved ones in the last year. For those in mourning, this may be the most they take part in encampment. Many families in mourning stay away from the arena for a year after the loss of a loved one. They may camp, but they will not go to the arena. And some families, whose pain is too deep, do not go to the campgrounds at all. It is different for each family.

Thursday night outgoing 2014 Princess Shiloh Pickering will pass her crown on to incoming 2015 Princess Sadie Red Eagle at the arena. When Sadie takes her first dance as princess, she will join a sorority of Otoe-Missouria Tribal Princesses dating back to 1949 when Claudia No Ear Spicer was crowned.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights will include social and contest dancing with categories for youth, teen, women, men and golden age. These are the events that draw the largest crowds. Bring your own lawn chair and a fan if you plan to attend because seating is limited and the weather is usually very warm.

Additional events this year including a Mud Run Saturday morning, kid games & turtle races, arts & craft vendors, Gourd Dancing and, of course, food vendors.

2013-2015 Encampment Commitee
Chairman . . . . . Jade Roubedeaux
Member . . . . . Pat Moore, Randy Moore, John Arkeketa, Gary Whitecloud Jr., Alde Robedeaux

Pat Moore 580-352-4836

Jade Roubedeaux 580-307-7911

Hotels are available for visitors, competitors, runners & guests. Visit the Ponca City Tourism Bureau website for details on accomodations in the area or call toll free 866-763-8092

Tribal members usually camp at their inherited family campsites. All campsites on the inner circle are already assigned. Any new campsites will be located on the North or South ends of the Encampment Grounds. ALL new campsites must be approved by the Encampment Chairman before moving onto the site. Any conflicts regarding campsite assignments, locations or dimensions will be addressed by the Encampment Committee on a case-by-case basis.