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Job Openings

Current vacancies are publicized in several ways. Employment information is available on our website. Jobs are posted on bulletin boards in each of the buildings and jobs may also typically be advertised in the Ponca City News, Stillwater NewsPress and/or Native American newspapers. This position requires that the individual perform a variety of duties including but not limited to clerical matter for a wide range of administrative and technical material. This will include general clerical duties, preparing correspondence, communications, computer operations, processing mail, travel arrangements, and other related necessary administrative duties.

Position Title:

TERO/Transportation Director

Reports to:

Executive Director





Human Resources Assistant

Position summary:

The TERO/Transportation Director is responsible for insuring and monitoring compliance with the Otoe-Missouria Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO) and Transportation program.  The TERO/Transportation program works closely with contractors, other tribal departments and non-tribal organizations to meet the mandates of TERO/Transportation. The Director is expected to perform all duties and responsibilities necessary to meet the goals and objectives of applicable programs.

Essential Job Functions:

· Carries out all powers and duties of the TERO Ordinance.

· Monitors hiring of all personnel to ensure compliance with TERO.

· Conducts the negotiation of TERO compliance plans.

· Maintains files and record keeping for when road and bridge projects are in construction.

· Certifies Indian Preference for contractors and/or applicants.

· The Transportation planner will develop means of determining condition of roads and bridges and prioritize need for repairs/replacement.

· Assists covered employers and contractors in compliance with TERO Ordinance, such as training on Tribal and Federal employment laws.

· Recommends program remedies for continued operation.

· Performs on-site reviews at job sites to verify that all prime contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers are permitted by the TERO office of the Otoe-Missouria Tribe.

· Assist in conducting and investigating labor-related issues, and assists with a remedy to resolve within the time frame stated through EEOC.

· Complete necessary paperwork to document existing roads conditions.

· Assist in the Fair Employment Rights of Individuals working on or near the Tribal jurisdiction.

· Submits quarterly reports to the EEOC within a timely manner.

· Any additional job duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

· Possesses advanced computer software knowledge, typewriter, fax machines, copying machines, calculators, etc…

· Ability to read, understand and enforce each contract that the education office administers.

· Ability to read and understand contracts that the Tribal Transportation program administers.

· Ability to read, understand and use standard references and procedural manuals.

· Knowledge of federal guidelines, regulations, policies and procedures of administrative program details.

· Knowledge of tribal government infrastructure and tribal policies with regards to the federal programs administered as well as Federal Highway Administration and Bureau of Indian Affairs.

· Knowledge of land description utilized in standard surveying practices in order to identify areas of need.

· Planner must be able to analyze maps, data, and other information for location of roads and bridges.

· Knowledge of grammar, spelling, punctuation and composition in the area of correspondence related items.

· Must possess the ability to meet and deal effectively with the public and employees of other agencies.


High School Diploma or GED.  Associates degree preferred.  Minimum of five years of experience directly in TERO and Transportation programs and general office duties.  Must have a valid Oklahoma Driver’s license and reliable transportation. The incumbent must be equipped with the particular knowledge and abilities to perform the position listed above.

The Otoe-Missouria Tribe is an equal Opportunity Employer. Native American preference will be observed.  All appointments are subject to drug screening and background checks. An application form can be found at (Human ResourcesForms). Please submit application and resume to Human Resources, 8151 Hwy 177, Red Rock, OK. 74651 by 4:30 p.m., January 20, 2017 or email to