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The Public Information Office & the Language Department have collaborated to create new multimedia featuring Otoe-Missouria Culture including ringtones.
The ringtones were created as a way to combine tradition (Otoe-Missouria language) and modern technology (cell phones) in a fun way that gave tribal members a way to show their Otoe-Missouria pride.

Although there are no traditional Otoe-Missouria words for text messages or voicemail, the Language Director Sky Campbell and the Public Information Officer Heather Payne, worked to create phrases that would use old Otoe-Missouria words to describe new technology. Users may download the ringtones in either a male or female voice and have three alert options depending on their preference.   

Ringtone-female voice MP3
Ringtone-male voice MP3
Ikikich’e ritawe x’ox’e ke/ki! – Your phone is making noise!
ee-KEE-keech’-ay ree-TAH-way x’oh-x’AY kay/kee

Text Notification-female voice MP3

Text Notification-male voice MP3
Rugrį wawagaxe astį ke/ki. – You have a lightning/electric letter.
ROO-green wah-WAH-gah-xay ah-STEEn kay/kee

Voicemail Notification-female voice MP3
Voicemail Notification-male voice MP3
Ho wawagaxe astį ke/ki. – You have a voice letter.
hoh wah-WAH-gah-xay ah-STEEn kay/kee