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In an effort to close the information gap that occurs between printings of the quarterly tribal newsletter, the Public Information Office has created an e-newsletter that is sent to subscribers on the months when the newsletter is not printed i.e. January, February, April, May, July, August, October, November.  


OM Tribe

February 2012

Healthy Valentine's Day Ideas

Holidays can be a challenge especially if you are trying to make healthy choices. A little creativity can turn a traditionally calorie and guilt laden holiday into an extraordinary experience.

Instead of the dining out at your usual, old place stay in! Impress with a home cooked meal made with love and delicious ingredients. Design your own menu or choose from the recipes provided! Pick a main course: turkey, chicken, or fish. Then choose a flavorful herbed side to pair with maple squash and chocolate drizzled fruit.

Dark chocolate covered fruit is a tasty treat with some redeemable health qualities as well! This combination is high in antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber which can help prevent diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Click here for recipes & more healthy tips

G-R-A-H-I That Spells Love

If you are looking for a special way to tell someone how you feel about them on this holiday, then look them in the eye and say "grahi" (GRAH-hee). Or more specifically you can say "rigrahi" (REE-grah-hee), which means I love you. Here are some other translations of Otoe phrases you might want to use to tell your family you love them. For more info on Otoe language contact Sky Campbell at

Hina hegrahi ke/ki (HEE-nah hay-GRAH-hee kay/kee) – I love my mom.

Hinka hegrahi ke/ki (HEEnNG-kah hay-GRAH-hee kay/kee) – I love my dad.

rigrahiwi (REE-grah-hee-wee) – I love you-all

hingrahinye (heenng-GRAH-hee-nyay) – I am loved

Tax Tips for Tribal Members

According to the IRS, tribes do not have to withhold taxes on per capita payments that total less than $9,350. Therefore, this income should be reported on your personal taxes.

At the end of January, 1099-MISC documents were sent to tribal members. If you did not receive this document please contact Dena Primeaux at 877-692-6863 x249. For information on how to report your per capita income (1099-MISC) please contact your tax preparer or visit


Gary Allen-February 16 @ First Council Casino
Encampment Benefit Dance-February 18 @ OM Cultural Bldg
Native Pride Boxing-February 25 @First Council Casino
Earth, Wind & Fire-March 3 @ First Council Casino
OM Elders Benefit Dance-March 3 @ OM Cultural Bldg
Heart-March 10@ First Council Casino
Encampment Benefit Dance-March 17 @ Cultural Bldg
George Thorogood-March 15 @ First Council Casino
New Edition-March 31 @ First Council Casino

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