The Otoe-Missouria Tribe

The Otoe-Missouria Tribe


Revised 11/20/2019

Please submit the following to begin the review process.  No review will begin until all requirements have been met, at that time a TCNS Specialist will review the project, once the review is complete, the THPO will issue a comment based on a combined determination.  DO NOT SEND INCOMPLETE PACKETS OF INFORMATION.  IF INCOMPLETE PACKETS ARE RECEIVED, THEY WILL BE PLACED IN THE ON-HOLD FILE AND REVIEWED WHEN ALL OTHER COMPLETE PACKETS ARE PROCESSED AND REVIEWED.

  1. All future correspondence will need to be submitted to thpo@omtribe.org
    1. TCNS Number (Include on all correspondence)
    2. Company Name
    3. Project Name, City, County, State
    4. Project Type: new build, collocation, expansion, tower type monopole, guyed-tower, height, use, access road existing or new build, utility lines-route with access road or new route, explanation of ground disturbance
    5. Total area surveyed in Acres
    6. Standard Contact information, name address i.e.
  2. File Search – please provide following information to thpo@omtribe.org
    1. A summary of the records review with site numbers
    2. Provide a copy of the completed archeological file search of the APE, including the State Curator for all archeological sites identified during the investigation. 
    3. Provide a copy of all known sites identified in the complete file search that include the unevaluated, undetermined and recommended ineligible sites for the National Register.
    4. Professional cultural/archaeological survey report
  3. Maps – Please provide all maps with section II to thpo@omtribe.org
    1. Aerial and/or color USGS topographic maps locating project area.
    2. Send a KMZ file link to thpo@omtribe.org
  4. Table listing shovel test locations, width (cm), depths (cm), soils and results
  5. A copy of the SHPO’s response (comment is not contingent on SHPO comment letter)
  6. Please do not send paper copies of the 620-621 forms.  We will only accept electronic copies.
  7. Inadvertent Discoveries
    1. Where human remains/funerary objects are discovered or may be involved within any area of Potential effects, we will use the provisions of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.
  1. If tribal monitoring is needed, we will establish a Tribal Monitoring Agreement.
  2. After we have reviewed the completed packet, we will send a written response along with an invoice for review and response preparation fee of $750.00.  Please make check payable to Otoe-Missouria Tribe.


Thank you,
Elsie Whitehorn
Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
580-723-4466 x 202